HDA Quality Control

HDA prides itself on the highest standards of quality. Its audited quality management system fulfils the requirements of the IATF 16949:2016 certification.

The company’s SPECTROMAXX stationary metal analyser is used for material testing for incoming and outgoing inspections, and determines all the essential elements.

In addition, a top of the line hardness testing machine is a further quality control measure, providing fully automatic operation and image analysis, automatic/manual dark field image analysis of Brinell indentations with ring light, and efficient data administration. It is capable of the following test methods:

  • Brinell acc. to EN ISO 6506/ASTM E-10;
  • Vickers acc. to EN ISO 6507/ASTM E-384;
  • Rockwell acc. to EN ISO 6508/ASTM E-18.

In terms of risk management, duplicating certain machinery means that if a machine breaks down, a back-up is immediately available, reducing down-time to a minimum.