Established in 1991, privately owned South African foundry High Duty Castings (HDC) has provided its customers with more than two decades of quality components. The company prides itself on having close relationships with its clients, 40% of whom have been loyal customers since HDC’s inception.

With a focus on quality and customer satisfaction, the company has the flexibility to adapt to the needs of its clients. With two, well integrated, operations, it is able to meet the requirements of clients whose own performance depends on HDC’s capacity to deliver.

Located in Boksburg, Gauteng, the foundry occupies 16 179 m2 in the heart of South Africa’s industrial hub. With individual castings ranging from 1 kg up to 1.5 ton the foundry is able to provide an extensive range of products for various industries, including the pumps and valves industry, gearbox manufacturers, the compressor and hydraulics industries, as well as the agricultural, bearing, railway and automotive industries.

HDC comprises two divisions, the newest of which, High Duty Automotive (HDA), focuses on the manufacture of automotive castings in both grey and ductile iron.

Established in 2001, HDA considers itself a leading supplier of automotive castings to the global automotive market. Further, the unique manufacturing method developed by HDA has resulted in significant benefits in terms of yield, time, material and quality. HDA operates with the highest-quality standards and is IATF 16949: 2016.

“HDC has continued to flourish since the partnership with SAED in October 2014. SAED is a specialised investment company focused on providing growth capital to unlock the potential of smaller companies with significant opportunities.

While retaining a family ethos through continued management by the Venter family, SAED’s investment has enabled HDC to unlock even more potential within the industry.

“Structured growth targets will be realised through significant investments in our employees, new technologies and processes and, coupled with these investments, our strategic vision will ensure that HDC secures itself as a leading foundry in the industry.”

The company prides itself on being responsive to changing market conditions. HDC is at the forefront of meeting the adjustments required in the market, within the deadlines required and with competititve price levels.