High Duty Castings began operations in 1991. At the start of business, the foundry had 60 employees. The products manufactured from the earliest days - valves, pumps, agricultural products and railway blocks – still forms part of the company’s core business.

Today, High Duty Castings has in excess of 120 customers, of which 40% have been doing business with the company since its inception in 1991. It is because of such long standing relationships that High Duty is able to tailor its business to the customer-focussed operation it runs today.

The need to produce automotive components brought about its own challenges and requirements, and the decision was therefore made in 2001 to form an automotive division – High Duty Automotive. The formation of this division led to the most significant expansion the company had faced hitherto, both in terms of workspace and manpower. The production of its first automotive component was a milestone in the company’s history and had a significant impact in shaping the way the company runs today.

Whilst operating in the difficult working environment of a foundry is not easy, the management of High Duty Castings has always maintained an open-door policy with all of its employees. Throughout the years the company has done what it is able to, in order to assist employees and keep them happy within the company. A result of this approach is that management not only has a very good working relationship with its employees, but the company can pride itself on an employee turnover rate which is close to zero. Each year the company celebrates and acknowledges employees who have been at the company for 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 years. 

High Duty Castings has a history of promotions from within the company, and as a result the majority of its senior positions are filled by employees who started at the company as regular labourers.